finding the equation of a trig graph via both sine and cosine write equations of trig functions from graph mcr3u unit 5 writing sine cosine equation given graph aat h 5 writing equations of sine and cosine functions 2 notes over 14 5 writing trigonometric functions write a function for the sinusoid positive sine graph no vertical or horizontal shifts amplitude period find the equation of a sinusoidal function from a graph writing sine and cosine equations from graphs example determine the equation of a transformed sine function from a graph the sine function find the period of the following sine curve then write an equation 27 equations of the graph since sine and cosine are both general sine waves both equations are correct day 9 test c 10 to 12 write sine and cosine equations given period phase shift ver determining the equation of a sine and cosine graph write equation of a sine function tessshlo 3 notes over 6 4 graph sine cosine and tangent functions equation of a sine function amplitude period complete cycle 16 write picture of graph of sine equality 7 holt mcdougal algebra 2 graphs of sine and cosine amplitude period complete cycle equation of a sine function 4 6 writing trig equations from graphs enter image description here question write the equation of a sine or cosine function to describe the graph the sine function continued b use the form y a sin b writing sine and cosine equations from graphs 6 writing mcr3u periodic functions determine equation of sinusoidal function from graph write trig equation in general form i would love feedback on these activities especially if you can provide it before 7 24 am on tuesday i ll let you know how they go after that red and blue greenhouse part 1 writing sine and cosine equation of same graph when finding equations we can sometimes get confused about whether there is a reflection or a phaseshift unless we are given specific information to check ixl precalculus n 2 write equations of sine functions from graphs how to write an equation when given the graph of a sine cosine function 13 writing equations graphtrig3 4 sines vs 3 cosine graph a graph of 3cos pi 3x pi 3 2 01 sketch graph and write equation of sine given period and range 2 writing equations of sine writing equation of a sinusoidal graph from a given graph both in degrees and radians 3 warm up