parallel lines from equation example 3 ytic geometry khan academy parallel lines from equation example 3 ytic geometry khan academy finding equations of parallel and perpendicular lines image titled figure out if two lines are parallel step 1 again in this table wc arbitrarily selected the values of x to be 2 0 and 5 here we selected values for x to be 2 4 and 6 you could have chosen any parallel lines y 1 3 x 3 write each equation in slope find the equation of the x line parallel to the y axis and drawn through the point of intersection of the lines x 7y 5 0 and 3x y 7 0 gotecc image titled find the equation of a line step 10 equation of a plane in normal form linear equations intercepts standard form and graphing show that new hampshire avenue is not perpendicular to pennsylvania avenue 50 which pair parabola whose vertex at a given point and axis is parallel to x axis 3 find the general equation of the plane for example consider the two points r 0 2 and s 6 2 on the line what would be the slope of the line what would be the equation of the line practice problems find equations for lines that are parallel and perpendicular noveber 7 017 deterine whether the graphs of the following equations are parallel or perpendicular 1 does not understand what it means for an ordered pair of numbers to be a solution of a system of equations drain the pool students are asked to determine rate of change y due wednesday may 17 solution neither of these equations had a variable with a coefficient of one in this case solving by substitution is not the best method