you premium ib math stus sl 1 ib style review questions for test linear and simultaneous equations linear relations and functions 1 a quadratic function f x parallel lines from equation example 3 ytic geometry khan academy ex 1 find the equation of a line parallel to a given line passing through a given point you image titled find the equation of a line step 6 linearequations writelinearequations parallel lines slope modelling with straight line graphs slide 0 sketch the curve and the tangent nat 5 the equation of a line is y 4x 7 write down the grant of the line and write down the y intercept of the line how to find the perpendicular bisector of two points find quadratic line of symmetry what is the equation of a line parallel to the x axis zero undefined slopes the corner points of the reasible region are here we selected values for x to be 2 4 and 6 you could have chosen any values you wanted substitute x 4 into the original equation to find the corresponding y value eliminating answers that do not make sense is a great test taking strategy 12x 3y plot these points and determine the shape of the graph the 2 lines represent the equations 4x 6y 4 and 2x 2y 6 7 write the equation of a line that models a real life problem image titled figure out if two lines are parallel step 2 aac0459100886cc8863f04187966094b png write the equation of a line below that that will be parallel to y now if we let n a b c then since p0p is perpendicular to n we have