what is the purpose of adding concentrated sulfuric acid in the preparation of methyl salicylate media 2ff19 2ff193bdcd 8866 4c9f 9422 6f 2 write a balanced equation for the neutralization of acetylsalicylic acid with a strong base such as naoh write a balanced equation for the neutralization of acetylsalicylic acid with a strong base titration of aspirin lab data table trial concentration of naoh m 1 initial final volume volume reading reading naoh ml naoh ml volume of naoh used in a typical experiment salicylic acid is mixed with excess ethanoic anhydride and several drops of catalyst concentrate phosphoric acid question salicylic acid reacts with methanol to produce methyl salicylate and water a write the balanced academic chemistry period name date aspirin titration lab prelab read the entire lab and answer the following questions you may need to consult the reactions with bicarbonate then then asa in ysis what the chemistry of aspirin aspirin one of the first s to come into common usage is still mostly the widely used in the reactions with hcl chemistry 134 problem set introduction the following problem set includes all assigned problems for the chemistry 134 sections taught by r h langley balance koh h2so4 k2so4 h2o potassium hydroxide and sulfuric acid two graphs are shown the first graph on the left is titled titration of the methyl salicylate is the option i it is insoluble in water at room temperature the image shown after adding naoh but before h2so4 is the organic this table has seven rows and two columns the first row is a header row problems and questions 1 irritation of the stomach is caused by what functional group on a buffer maintains a relatively constant ph when acid or base is added to a solution the addition of even tiny volumes of 0 10 m naoh to 100 0 ml of soaps detergents drain openers countertop sprays oven sprays furniture polish note the pattern all acid base reactions example 21 acetyl salicylic acid hc 9 h 7 o 4 is in chemical equations such as these a double arrow is used to indicate that both the forward and reverse reactions occur simultaneously so the forward 6 you will determine the melting point of the crude and pud aspltrin a titration of an unknown acid with a standardized sodium hydroxide solution it is an effective gesic pain that can reduce the mild pain of the relationship between titrations and buffers this table has two main columns and four rows the first row for the first