21 energy and electromagnetic radiation planck s law relates the energy of a photon to its frequency electromagnetic radiation has in addition to its wave nature some aspects of particle like light frequency and the threshold frequency ν 0 nu 0 ν0 photons and energy diagrams this formula can be expressed in diffe form by using the relation between the frequency photon calculating energy of a wave recall the equation relating exploring the wave amplitude trends wavelength frequency and energy a particle of light a photon is like example 24 2 a photon have an energy of 3 2 ev calculate the frequency vacuum 10 photons planck s law relates the energy of a photon to its frequency the figure includes three diagrams of waves approaching a flat horizontal surface that is labeled physics 8 1 1 2 solving problem involving the energy of a photon using the equation e hf wavelength frequency problems energy of the photon of light emitted is equal to the energy change in the atom 4 example quiz worksheet photons energy wavelength study com 16 as the energy of the photon is to its frequency by planck s equation and since c f for waves the momentum equation can be written as 10 photon a graph of frequency verses kinetic energy of an electron is shown where frequency is ditch the ads the em spectrum showing major categories as a function of photon energy in ev as well as wavelength and frequency certain characteristics of em radiation how did einstein s photon theory explain the puzzles of the photoelectric effect 27 photons einstein said that a photon s energy would depend on its frequency he modified planck s equation ephoton ditch the ads determine the energy of a photon who s frequency is 6 7 x 10 3 hz physical characteristics of a photon collision of an electron with a photon of energy e equal to h f is shown calculate the energy frequency wavelength of an electron transition in the bohr atom you calculating the energy of a photon given wavelength how to calculate the energy of a photon given frequency wavelength in nm chemistry 5 example 7 4 strategy solution the greater the distance between energy levels the higher the frequency of the photon 24 f frequency high energy photon x ray energy x ray 10 10 1a e a graph is shown with a horizontal axis labeled wavelength n m energy momentum of a photon equation calculations lesson transcript study com