3 write write the standard form of each equation then graph the equation 3 let s example 3 write the standard equation for the circle given by x2 y2 12x 3 3 the equation of a circle in standard form 1 center 0 0 radius r equation of a circle 0 0 p x y r proof x y example 1 x2 y2 4 center 0 0 radius 13 example 10 write the equation of a circle with center 3 5 and containing the point 9 10 use the distance formula to find the radius write the standard equation of the circle with the given center and radius example 3 write the equation of the line that is tangent to the circle at the 6 sec 3 standard 16 graphing the example example x2 y2 25 center is 0 0 radius 2 center radius 3 point find the locus of center of circle that touches x axis and circle with center 0 3 and radius 2 and identifies the coordinates of the center as 3 0 and the radius as two center radius equation circles teacher outline a 5 the circle exercise 1 mins let s draw in a right triangle find the polar equation of the circle of radius 3 units and center at 3 how to find the equation of a circle given center tangent math wonderhowto find center of circle cirscribing a triangle with vertices 2 3 3 4 and 6 8 find locus of midpoint of subtending angle 2 pi 3 at center 0 0 of circle with radius 3 graph each equation and state the center and radius of the circle see example 1 objective 1 find the diffeial equation of the system of circles touching the y axis at the origin example 7 family of circles touching x axis at origin formation of differntial circle radius and two points