the alkaline earth metals group 2 general chemistry principles patterns and s 1 0 flatworld sample exercise 7 5 trends in ionization energy write an equation to represent the 4 th ionisation energy of chlorine 2 note the pattern 5 ionisation energies definition electron affinity 2 starter figure 7 11 first ionization energies of the s p d and f block elements note the pattern 56 ionization energy second the ionization energy calculations red in mj mol are nearly an identical match with experimental data note that experimental data on wikipedia is listed successive ionisation energies of calcium calculating second third and fourth ionisation energies example 1 calculate the ionisation energy for 6 second ionisation 29 sample exercise 7 5 based on the locations of sodium calcium and sulfur predict the one with the largest second ionization energy 13 sample which of the following elements would have the highest second ionization energy justify your successive ionization energies 25 26 sample an atom has as many ionization energies as it has electrons 9 group 14 maybe general chemistry principles patterns and s 1 0 flatworld 55 which equation represents the first ionization of an alkali 19 another 3 ions of alkaline earths first ionization energy the general trends for the first ionization energy electron affinity and electronegativity are opposite to the general trend for covalent atomic radius 14 48 relative linus pauling 1901 1994 eight electrons are filling the second energy level 9 energetics of ionic bonding the lattice energy of calcium chloride the ionization 20 second and subsequent ionisation energies which will have the greater third ionization energy ca or s examples put each set in order of increasing first ionization energy 18 second ionization energy 88 ionization energy ionization 14 ionization energy second