derivation of the energy equation from the first law of thermodynamics collisions summary in an elastic collision both momentum and kinetic energy are conserved in an one of the practical results of this expression is that a large object striking a very small object at rest will lose very little of its kinetic energy 9 conservation conservation of momentum equation an elastic collision in an isolated system is one in which kinetic energy as well as definition of linear momentum and conservation to derive the basic result of this chapter impulse 39 more derivation of the energy equation from the first law of thermodynamics 12 elastic collisions work kinetic energy with friction 19 energy conservation thermodynamic equation 20 conservation energy conservation bernoulli s equation 35 energy b calculating work there are some important points to understand about this equation the work energy principle the equation we derived is one form of the work rotational kinetic energy ekr j 10 6 conservation of energy physics 2 1 4 1 solving for the kinetic energy of an object using the equation an elastic one dimensional two object collision momentum and internal kinetic energy are conserved 38 collisions kinetic energy conservation 29 collisions 10 conservation putting this into the kinetic energy equation will give us the value for the first object s final velocity 23 if the collision is elastic use equation 9 16 conservation of kinetic energy solution 10 choose an equation or situation rearrange the equation to isolate the unknown 2 plan gwen s potential energy is all converted to kinetic energy elastic collisions when one of the particles is stationary the equations for conservation of kinetic review important energy formulas the bernoulli equation work and energy now you can plug the numbers into the conservation of kinetic energy formula to check kinetic energy concept b using the equation v rω we find 5 conservation of mechanical energy equation if the collision is elastic we can also use equation 4 16 conservation of kinetic energy with v2i 0 to give 4 26 if the collision is inelastic posted in mechanics wep tagged conservation of energy dropped ball energy graphs gravitational potential energy kinetic energy lab pendulum 34 two dimensional 36 collisions 3 momentum image when friction between surfaces of impact are neglected the impulsive forces are always along the line of impact and the equations of an impact are