five nuclear equations and a graph are shown the first equation is superscript review nuclear equations th u he alpha decay 231 235 2 4 2 90 92 atomic mass decay chain u235 svg what hahn had observed was due to traces of uranium 235 that were present in the sample whose reaction with the neutrons resulted in the splitting of the 30 slide 30 when uranium 235 is arded with neutrons it can breaks apart fissions according to the equation fission s fission of uranium 235 the figure given above shows the the fission of u 235 nucleus when it absorbs a slow moving neutron and results in fission fragments barium basics of nuclear fission question show the equation for plutonium 239 pu decaying by alpha emission to uranium u 235 fission aka atom splitting by ardment of u 235 12 fission energy converting 1 kg of uranium 235 as is clear the final of uranium 235 decay is lead 9 uranium 238 7 fission 25 your turn 13 decay sequence alpha decay sequence 235 u 92 209 po 84 4 231 he th 2 90 4 205 he pb 2 82 decay chain 4n 1 neptunium series svg decay chain u238 svg nuclear equations c e n po he pb u n ba nuclear decay equations these nuclear reactions must be balanced but not for atoms for a uranium nucleus struck by a neutron produces two fragments and three neutrons two of figure imgb0008 important fissionable nuclei u 233 u 235 pu 239 alpha decay 238 234 4 mass number 92 90 2 atomic number 28 slide 28 when uranium 235 is arded with neutrons it can breaks apart fissions according to the equation write this in your notes fission s 4 2 using the enclosed fission chart radioactive decay series 6 natural decay fission of u 235 232k what happens when an extra neuron is fired at uranium 235 atom 4n 3 235 uranium decay chain actinium series jumping from saddle to 28 u 235 fission 142 u 235 fission chain reaction credit wikia commons a typical uranium fission reaction neutron ion per one fast fission of uranium 235 a diagram is shown which has a white sphere labeled superscript 1 subscript decay chain pa231 svg page 185