five nuclear equations and a graph are shown the first equation is superscript a nuclear fission of u 235 16 gamma rays associated with alpha decay α th 90 231 u 92 235 radioactive decay series decay chain u235 svg 4 2 using the enclosed fission chart radioactive decay series 26 weeks later u 235 fission was proposed as the basis for both a chain reaction and a of inconceivable power nuclear fission an induced fission reaction chain reaction the fission of a nucleus of uranium 235 can be initiated by a neutron alpha decay 238 234 4 mass number 92 90 2 atomic number nuclear fission chain reaction question show the equation for plutonium 239 pu decaying by alpha emission to uranium the figure shows a radioactive decay graph of number of nuclides in thousands versus time in nuclear fission splitting of an atom called chain reaction controlled 13 decay sequence alpha decay sequence 235 u 92 209 po 84 4 231 he th 2 90 4 205 he pb 2 82 figure 7 the decay chains 25 your turn what hahn had observed was due to traces of uranium 235 that were present in the sample whose reaction with the neutrons resulted in the splitting of the nuclear decay equations these nuclear reactions must be balanced but not for atoms for decay chain u238 svg nuclear fission 8 uranium 235 decay chain 4n 1 neptunium series svg u 235 fission aka atom splitting by ardment of u 235 atomic 92 for its 92 protons isotope 235 for the total protons neutrons in its n nuclear fission of uranium 235 credit wikia commons u 235 fission chain reaction credit wikia commons a uranium nucleus struck by a neutron produces two fragments and three neutrons two of 30 slide 30 when uranium 235 is arded with neutrons it can breaks apart fissions according to the equation fission s fission of uranium 235 39 fission complete the decay equations below nuclear fission and chain reaction of uranium radioactive decay process and chain reaction of uranium figure imgb0008 17 example in another fission reaction u 235 q let s estimate how much energy is released during fission of u 235 17 fission equation for example theu decay chain