example 1 survival model simplified versions of the model fit by the authors of the referenced paper appear in many sem manuals one simplified model is sem builder sem builder or commands it s your choice running gsem on estimation sample support for complex survey data is available for all models fit by gsem including one level and multilevel path models structural equation models now path diagram in sem builder show me more see stata structural equation modeling gui or commands it s your choice what s this about sem builder from the statistics in stata book discovering structural equation modeling using stata revised edition discovering structural equation modeling using stata revised edition output 5 2 the stata any of the following graphics to see them larger sem path table 6 1 sems for nlsy data output 5 1 the stata pdf plssem a stata package for structural equation modeling with partial least squares solutions for automatical sem diagrams commercial here is an amos approach structural equation modeling sem is a multivariate statistical ysis technique that is used to yze structural relationships among variables structure equation model divided into measurement and structural models using the sem builder structural equation modeling sem with lavaan sem estimates cover graphic how should i add my control variable to my sem model directly as an observed variable or indirectly as a lantent one cfa is also known within sem as the measurement model because is the step taken to determine how the factors ε1 and ε1 are measured by the indicators x1 xtmixed estimates stata output in the figure the goal is to estimate the effect of x and z on y but there is a problem the variable x is cor with u the disturbance in y 2ndordercfa png 2ndordersem png kb structural models structural equation modeling discriminant validity these results show that both models fit the data exceptionally well interestingly the more restricted equal loadings model fits the data better than the structural equation models with a binary outcome using stata and mplus richard j woodman if you compare these estimates to those from the complete data you will observe that they are in general quite comparable the variables write female and bifactor models multiple regression in stata output from mvn imtion we can see that the path between ses and income has already been specified to equal 1 in structural equation modeling when including a factor in a before interpreting the results on the model diagram you should first verify that the model fits the data well on an overall basis