wander to the back of my vegetable garden and you ll find a 4x2 stock tank water garden tucked in behind the potting shed wall stock tank fish pond with stock tank filter peaceful serenity you gallon galvanized metal tub copper stock tank water garden purchase a and spray paint with home the repetition of plants and paving draw the eye to pam s stock tank pond photo by lori daul stock tank pond a metal planter that s a water garden two stock tanks are playing two roles the smaller one as a water feature and the larger one as a surrounding planter photo courtesy of jean mcweeney stock tank gardens from start to finish stock tank garden stone steps lead down from the stock tank gardens i repotted the cork rush black colossus and a pink canna in plain clay kitty litter and covered that with aquarium gravel container stock tanks and water features were everywhere in this garden there were so many stock tanks you would think you were in austin garden path wanderings stock tank pools cowgirl as i was getting ready to leave the garden i passed by this stock tank combo with a large metal elk standing nearby and two decoy ducks in the upper tank stock tank tub stock tank pool for stock tank water garden natural stone water bath stock tank i am so excited for the weather to warm up so i can add some little mosquito fish to the pond and of course for those lilies to start blooming how to make a container pond in a stock tank how to build a water garden with tarter galvanized steel stock tanks new stock tank pond steal this look for water troughs to turn a water trough or watering trough into a stock tank garden gardens from start to finish water beds made bench stock tank gardening galvanized stock tank planter central gardener galvanized stock tank water garden galvanized stock tanks for gardening galvanized stock tank pool ideas 5 stock tank water garden they are ideally suited to plants which like to be submerged in the water i have two stock tank ponds one which enjoys full sun and one in a more shady interesting deck designith galvanizedater trough and outdoor potted plants stock tanks livestock troughs for horse stock tank planter troughs for gardening trough painted to plastic tubs water gardens cottage stock tank stock tank garden stock tank gardens from start to finish garden water beds made from containers stock tank garden stock tank gardening galvanized tub vegetable garden galvanized stock tank water garden the stock tank serves as a water lily pool and anchors the cross axes of the tips for trough planters a trough or stock tank horse stock tank planter raised garden water tank underneath beds stock tanks horse trough planter boxes bed stock tank horse trough water fountain a small stock tank galvanized stock tanks for gardening cheery and cheer our 2016 veggie garden kid pool garden stock tank pool over garden construction in the garden and other happenings previous after visiting the nice people at hill country water gardens and purchasing some great water lilies and bog plants i think it s all starting to take shape in the back garden a large stock tank takes center stage the trickle of water from a recirculating stand pipe filling the air with that magically soothing stock tank gardening raised beds contemporary landscape