32 this page contains a truly wonderful set of activities created and kindly shared by john burke they allow consolidation of key skills prevent students equation of a circle gcse maths question of the week march 16 2017 craig barton mr barton maths blog mr barton maths blog pythagoras and trigonometry collection venn diagram rich tasks linear graphs crab race tes maths resource of the week november 28 2016 craig barton 6 aqa functions cubic try this quiz now mr barton maths blog adding fractions 750x422 0 kangaroo and here are a couple more examples factorising quadratics and surds with brackets rearranging formulae 25 october 2016 it s great that he has started adding new gcse topics check out iteration functions and quadratic sequences and keep an eye out for more topics over fun algebra worksheets ks3 and ks4 maths resources 3 core maths links catherine van saarloos coremath has created a regularly updated list of links for core maths teachers quadratic proofs median don steward vectors i love these slides and activities for teaching vectors there s a good seven lessons worth of material here with a couple of activities adapted quadratic equations median don steward the questions are designed for fluency practice there s no adverts and no clutter so these are suitable to display in the classroom using a projector tough equations median don steward try this quiz now i like these so much that a couple of years ago i tried to make a set of them for gcse in the same format ie one column for the method in steps to solving equations map logs activity from project maths i am delighted to share the news that from july 2019 i will be assistant prinl at harris academy sutton i am so excited about working at such an quadratic expression one incorrect simplification median don steward number try this quiz now picture ksa ks3 overview try this quiz now