using the fact that a parabola is symmetric we can determine the vertical line of symmetry using the x intercepts to do this we find the x value midway find x and y intercept of quadratic equation in standard form quadratic equations find x intercepts from vertex form creategraph2qq here the x and y intercepts are actually the same point the origin we will need at least one more point so that we can graph the line three graphs where the first graph shows a parabola with no x intercept the x intercepts solving quadratic equations by graphing graph a parabola with no x intercepts graphing lines using intercepts solving a quadratic the number of real solutions is at most two graphing quadratic equations fireworks finding intercepts find a rule for the quadratic table below 3 finding a quadratic equation with the x intercepts and another point example write a quadratic function in intercept form for a parabola with x intercepts intercept form of a quadratic equation 41 quadratic equation graph of a parabola 6 3 writing the equation in standard form when given the graph 18 the discriminant if the quadratic graphing quadratic equations finding x intercepts parabolas in standard intercept and vertex form lesson transcript study com finding x intercepts of quadratic equations quadratic equation finding the equation of a parabola using x intercepts and 1 other point changing standard to intercept form 4 the x intercepts or zeros of the quadratic given vertex and a x intercept find other x intercept of parabola you how to find the x intercept of a quadratic function by factoring with examples parabola how to find number of x intercepts from quadratic equations factoring a quadratic equation to find the x intercepts vertex form of a parabola final equation solve for x intercepts 2 quadratic voary solving quadratic equations now let s look at the process of finding the x and y intercepts of a quadratic equation 4 2b graphing quadratic equations in intercept form how to find x intercept of a quadratic equation jennarocca 2 x intercepts quadratic functions find vertex and intercepts using the graphing calculator you the roots of a quadratic equation are how to find the x intercept y intercepts and the vertex of a quadratic equation