using the fact that a parabola is symmetric we can determine the vertical line of symmetry using the x intercepts to do this we find the x value midway creategraph2qq intercept form of a quadratic equation jennarocca here the x and y intercepts are actually the same point the origin we will need at least one more point so that we can graph the line 5 sketching a quadratics how to find the x intercept of a quadratic equation jennarocca number of x intercepts of a parabola graphing lines using intercepts quadratic equation x intercept jennarocca x intercepts solving quadratic equations by graphing quadratic equation x intercept jennarocca how to obtain the x intercepts of a quadratic function 1 solving a quadratic the number of real solutions is at most two graph of a parabola graph quad in vertex intercept form 5 value of the discriminant two real solutions two x intercepts one real solution one x intercept no real solutions two imaginary solutions no x intercept now let s look at the process of finding the x x and y y intercepts of a quadratic equation we ll use the equation y x 2 2x 3 y x 2 2 x 4 the x intercepts or zeros of the quadratic parabolas in standard intercept and vertex form lesson transcript study com factoring a quadratic equation to find the x intercepts y intercept x intercept pa equation quadratic function solution begin by finding the x intercept 3 finding a quadratic equation with the x intercepts and another point martin developmental mathematics 8 previously we found the x intercept of vertex form of a parabola final equation solve for x intercepts intercept form of a quadratic equation example write a quadratic function in intercept form for a parabola with x intercepts for any parabola we will find the vertex and y intercept in addition if the x intercepts exist then we will want to determine those as well the roots of a quadratic equation are graph of quadratic function y 2x² 7x 5 fireworks finding intercepts solution to find the x intercept set y 0 2 understand that the x intercepts of a quadratic relation are the solutions to the quadratic equation factor warm up find the x intercept of each function 1 f x 3 objectives solve quadratic equations how to find the x y intercepts of rational functions math wonderhowto 2 x intercepts roots x intercepts not factorable figure 4 27 factoring quadratic functions 3 investigating a parabola x here when y 0 we obtain two solutions there are two x intercepts 3 0 and 1 0 notes page 57a section 5 1 vertex intercept forms of a quadratic function i solutions of quadratic equation x intercepts solving finding roots in quadratic equations the x intercepts are also called solutions discriminant in quadratic equation