proper lighting hanukkah activity for kids girl lighting the menorah for hanukkah q can electric candles be used for hanukkah image titled light a chanukah menorah step 4 lighting the hanukkah menorah star of david hanukkah menorah menorah with lit candles share this link for the first night or two we allow two people to light using the same menorah as there would still be a distinct difference between the two sets of lights a hanukiah has 9 candles one of which is at a diffe height than the students celebrate hanukkah on campus hanukkah 2016 dates rituals history and how tos for celebrating the festival of lights s huffpost charlotte hanukkah image titled light a chanukah menorah step 10 hanukkah to all my followers that celebrates hanukkah evening december 16 to evening december 24 going nuts for donuts hanukkah in israel the spirit of the chanukah candles and their lesson the candle lighting image titled light a chanukah menorah step 3 order of lighting menorah candles a menorah also called a hanukkiah is lit on each of the eight nights of hanukkah menorah donuts chockolate coins and wooden dreidels credit karaidel lighting menorah image titled light a chanukah menorah step 5 hanukkah menorah lighting feasts order blood moon warning system 8 bit light up menorah photo istock chameleonseye photo istock chameleonseye when lighting the hanukkah menorah on the first night we recite three brachot before lighting the menorah lehadlik ner shel chanukah on the mitzvah of lighting she asah nisim for the menorah celebrate this year s festival of lights with some the best and most unique lighted hanukkah decorations hanukkah menorah chanukah light of redemption chanukah blessings reprinted from siddur sim shalom for shabbat and festivals 1998 the rabbinical assembly reprinted with kind permission of the ra shabbat menorah hanukkah desktop wallpaper themes hanukkah fire traditions