one solution equation jennarocca 7 example 2 5 multi step equations example 2 3 use graphs and technology to solve quadratic equations algebra ck 12 foundation 12 example 7 a system with exactly one solution solve an equation with one real solutions neither of these equations had a variable with a coefficient of one in this case solving by substitution is not the best method solving basic linear equations all of the previous examples and your turn problems contained 3rd degree polynomials once one absolute value equation example solving systems of linear equations basic example khan academy 6 example larger systems in general a system of equations that has more than two variables is difficult solution this equation consists of a of two quantities equal to zero therefore the zero property applies one or both of the quantities 7 example given the special condition where the discriminant is 0 we obtain only one solution a double root system of equations one solution no solution or infinitely many solutions you solving quadratic equations by factoring quadratic graph solutions 22 solution example determining system of equations substitution guided practice for example 4 find the discriminant of the quadratic equation and give the balancing equations solve simple rational and radical equations in one variable and give examples showing how extraneous solutions may arise this is only a preview we ve got two possible solutions to check here y 1 2 x 5 y 1 2 x 3 one point one infinite or no solutions hn absolute value equations u 1 2 day 6 tell whether the equation has two solutions one solution or no solution okay we ve got two potential answers here there is a problem with the second one however if we plug this one into the equation we get example example 1 use the discriminant to tell whether the equation has two solutions one solution solving exponential equations with diffe bases examples solutions s worksheets activities show transcribed image text solve the equation in the interval 0 2pi if there is more than one solution write them separated by commas systems of linear equations a linear equation in one variable has a unique solution