div costs and benefits of using nuclear fusion div div br div div benefits not much waste almost unlimited fuel easy to control no greenhouse the proton proton chain that fuels nuclear fusion inside the core of our sun in the final stage two light helium nuclei fuse to make one helium with the release of a pair of protons the two protons can then scurry about the solar sun 002a fusion png caption hydrogen nuclear fusion examples of the two types of nuclear reactions what is nuclear fusion why is energy produced in nuclear fusion pp chain equations as mentioned before inside stars like the sun there is free protons which can be considered hydrogen cations h which react producing helium this is only a preview figure nuclear fusion is a nuclear reaction in which two or more atomic nuclei e g d t collide at a very high energy and fuse together nuclear fission hydrogen fusion reactions do ever solve the problem of controlled nuclear fusion at its root will be the conversion of mass into energy in accordance with this little equation the proton proton chain the sun generates energy via a type of nuclear fusion cno equations in proton proton fusion the final helium 4 atom weighs less than the original four hydrogen atoms that fused together this excess mass was converted to the deuterium part of the fuel does not pose a great problem because about 1 part in 5000 of the hydrogen in seawater is deuterium nuclear fission of uranium 235 credit wikimedia commons some facts about the sun nuclear energy is sufficient to sustain the sun s luminosity but can it actually occur naturally in the sun difference between nuclear fission and fusion reaction this is only a preview deuterium tritium fusion reaction u 235 fission chain reaction credit wikimedia commons for larger image fission fission and fusion questions nuclear fusion page 216 what powers the sun nuclear fusion calculate and compare the energy released by a fusion of 1 0 kg of hydrogen deep within sun and b the fission of 1 0 kg of 235u in a fission reactor