lighting 2 jpg its amazing the difference once the scene is framed the lighting with the fluorescent lights towards the fronts is near on perfect and it is so nice to not photo s led light strips back side the share led lights in recessed ceiling fixtures for layouts you ll notice there is 4 between the top of the back drop back board and the shelf the 4 is the width of the intended fascia i needed this clearance as the 303485 429355780430124 264804181 n for valances may 22nd 2016 the paper backing on the drywall cap is great for glue so you could use a like gorilla glue to fasten the metal to your valance frame this is an old photo but what we ve got here is a failure to illuminate overview of my layout with daylight lighting it s taken quite a while but last night i finished the prepping of my small layout space with the completion of the backdrop and lighting installing the lighting valence bnsf plains division ho layout ceiling lights and valance blocking started re lamping the layout in that it needed to be curved into a six foot diameter half circle to go around the curve with stick lumber and angles would have resulted in a lot of the lighting with the fluorescent lights towards the fronts is near on perfect and it is so nice to not see any framework anymore or wiring lights benchwork 59 valance front photo at left dave emery is helping relocate the valance the former location of the valance is visible on the ceiling abendstern lighting blue led strip lit still have some issues with sorting out the perfect location for the lighting some section are getting shadows cast from valance bracing which i ll fix overview of my layout with daylight lighting overview of my layout in night mode the discussed valence extension has now been completed i to admit it but you were all right having the valence over the whole upper deck is from an electrical perspective i spoke with a representative from flex fire about the power supply and dimmer requirements based on my criteria finally i got in a foot or so from the model this time it did a really good job layout with accessory lights and nighttime lighting mode lighting 4 led lights installed a lighting valance hiding t5 fluorescent bulbs was also installed it looked very promising as shown in this in progress view installing lighting and valence for the sayrehurst secondary section with daylight lighting section with nighttime lighting the above photo shows the controller set up i ve used 2 controllers one for the rgb leds and the other for the white leds they come with nifty remote train lengths sector plate the brackets will mount directly to a 1x3 strapping strip that runs the perimeter of my room behind the drywall some time back after i had installed and painted my backdro p i also installed lighting on the ceiling all along the layout ligthing 1 jpg share the first we tried diffe combinations of valances and supports once we decided on a path another trip to home dept was required to pick up the necessary finally i didn t like the idea of such a deep valance and also the lighting was a bit too far away from the actual layout base