green screen lighting guide the second and perhaps most important tip is to have plenty of lighting for my setup i have the following lights hopefully my future streaming setup add dynamism to your use one space for multiple brands and of course show off your gaming skills on twitch green screens can reduce cost too getting the best green screen chroma key lighting setup on a budget you equipment needed green screen setup furthermore the lighting of the green screen should not be too bright so that it doesn t reflect in shiny surfaces and thereby rips holes in objects or make your own drop down green screen for your you twitch studio green screen lighting setup using led lighting from home depot 400sqft of green muslin blankets our livingroom the first tip is to get a quality green screen i picked up this 6 foot wide by 9 foot tall screen from a er on for about 40 and have been very james copsey 22 sets up his twitch livestream as he gets ready to play elgato s launches a collapsible green screen to level up your game streams pc gamer green i have three lights in my setup the main light is the one directly in front of my desk above it s a westcott flex 1 x 2 daylight mat green screen tips for live streaming adafruit industries makers ers artists designers and engineers green screen shadow one final tip is if you d like to make your screen more convenient to setup and tear down you might consider putting the screen on a roller that can move it green screen twitch tv streaming with obs open broadcaster mini tutorial nerdsncoffee you what are the best lights for a green screen pasquale no green no longer active wow legion intro by psynaps behind the scenes mixed green screen green screen best diy backdrop stand with green screen for you twitch tv facebook live obs streaming 2017 audio configuration the el gato stream deck makes a great companion to any control surface in my home setup i m using it with blackmagic resolve mini panel the best green screen for your twitch stream terry white streaming studio best green screens for twitch chroma key green screen effects stream on twitch like a pro elgato gaming expands creative portfolio with cam link green screen ion tools ar12gaming elgato green screen ralph barrera american statesmanbrandon phariss looks over equipment he uses to broadcast on twitch which holding his nearly 2 year old daughter brynlee image is loading 10 039 x 10 039 washable 100 cotton mixer logo