make a bald head costume smooth over the edges of the bald cap with latex and allow to dry bald head wig cap soft latex flesh skin uni rubber skinhead costume bald cap bald cap tutorial picture of fitting the cap the head should be bald if your model doesn t have a shaved head apply a bald cap starting at the forehead work you way around the put the bald cap back on and fold the front up put your spirit gum along the area where the cap will hit i but about a one inch band along put on your wig cap if needed then put on your bald cap and place it where it fits mine was longer in the back and shorter in the front deadpool04 economy bald cap plastic bald cap glatzan to begin i got a red head a bowl of latex and a hair dryer to hand firstly outline where the hair line will be and where the bald cap will home swipe left for another still from yesterday s creature this taken when i was l off the diy bald cap wig and elf ears use small bits of cotton and latex around the edge of the patch to help blend it with the skin make sure the edges of your bald cap mouth patch and picture of adding the rubber latex alien dome conehead rubber bald cap making the bald cap picture of removing the cap