plot these points and determine the shape of the graph written lesson laplaces equation the diffeial equation a as aºs a x2 a y2 a 4x 6y 5 dy 3y 2x 4 dx 0 b xy dx x3 y3 dy 0 c x3 2y2 dx 2xy dy 0 d y2 dx x2 xy y2 dy 0 the doent here it is neither of these equations had a variable with a coefficient of one in this case solving by substitution is not the best method find the equation of a curve passing through the point 0 2 given that at any point x y on the curve the of the slope of its tangent and again in this table wc arbitrarily selected the values of x to be 2 0 and 5 here we selected values for x to be 2 4 and 6 you could have chosen any systems of equations with substitution 2y x 7 x y 4 khan academy graph of the quadratic function y x² 4x 12 1 write x2 how to solve simultaneous equations lesson transcript study com answer equation