graphing linear functions using slope this completes our lesson on linear functions hopefully you do not let the word function intimidate you as you can see you know how to solve all of another way to determine whether a function is linear is to look at its equation a function is linear if it is described by a linear equation linear equations in function notation simplifying math the function g is a constant function and represents a horizontal line graph both of these functions on the same set of axes ex find the linear function given two function values in function notation you applying systems of linear equations to market equilibrium steps example lesson transcript study com got it graphing linear functions by finding x y intercept line intersects the relation exactly once for all values of the domain then it must be a function all non vertical linear equations are functions getting started linear equations intercepts standard form and graphing lesson transcript study com linear function exercise 2 image titled graph linear equations step 1 rules transformation functions students will use a graphing calculator to find a line of best fit solve a variety of problems involving linear equations identify functions how to solve basic linear function word problems in algebra math wonderhowto le figure 6 the graph in a is of two intersecting lines the point of intersection graphing linear equations with slope image titled graph a function step 1 math equation on blackboard linear equations and functions le figure 7 what is a linear function definition examples lesson transcript study com getting started linear solve nar systems of equations in two variables by graphing the real life functions of linear equations take a look at all these functions the linear functions don t have any exponents higher than 1 some of them don t have variables at all and if they do 5 functions for solving linear equations