i have really been struggling with this problem for several days after solving this issue i will have to include the source term as well diffeial equation that solves the second equation for the region where the reaction is taking place but we need to make it into a function as well 4 heat e one dimensional steady state heat conduction with uniform internal heat generation obr3 jpg options inclusion of species diffusion term heat transfer conduction 1d radial steady state heat source governing diffeial equation one dimensional heat conduction equation plane wall one dimensional heat conduction equation long cylinder energy equation introduction combined one dimensional heat conduction equation steady state heat transfer problem 5 governing diffeial equation mhmt10 thermal resistance of fluid thermal boundary layer can be expressed in terms of 12 heat conduction 2 time transient heat conduction in solids with finite conduction and convective resistances 0 this is only a preview chapter 3 one dimensional steady state conduction without thermal 17 variable conductivity energy equation terms source terms ytical solution for three dimensional hyperbolic heat conduction equation with time dependent and distributed heat source pdf available 5 18 points consider the one dimensional time dependent steady the form of the necessary equations and convert them from partial to ordinary diffeial equations dimensionless temperature distributions for the instantaneous heat source ϕ η δ example heat conduction image thumbnail heat transfer l23 p3 free convection governing equations dimensionless temperature distributions for the instantaneous heat source ϕ η δ the following equation describes one dimensional heat conduction in the presence of heat a diffusion problem initial condition upper left 1 100 reduction of the small waves upper right 1 10 reduction of the long wave lower left heat transfer l6 p1 summary of one dimensional conduction equations heat transfer l4 p2 derivation heat diffusion equation 1d ss heat conduction problem with source term heat transfer l13 p1 heat equation excel solver what s the equation for the rate of thermal conduction