i have really been struggling with this problem for several days after solving this issue i will have to include the source term as well heat diffusion equation 2 steady state 1d example advection diffusion equation source term jennarocca heat equation with source jennarocca diffusion equation with constant source term jennarocca options inclusion of species diffusion term 4 heat heat conduction equation with source term jennarocca energy equation terms source terms convective heat diffusion equation with a source jennarocca heat conduction equation with source jennarocca lecture objectives review discretization methods for advection advection diffusion equation source term jennarocca the following equation describes one dimensional heat conduction in the presence of heat heat transfer l16 p1 example sphere transient convection approximate equations consider the steady state heat diffusion equation in a rod of extending from 0 to conjugate heat transfer in fuel rod assembly 1d steady diffusion mhmt14 transient diffusion equation heat equation the diffusion equation modeling heat transfer deriving the heat equation in one dimension ref 2 images diffusion damping png governing equations for multicomponent flows reacting flows and radiation modeling additional terms are included in 5 selecting a heat transfer model energy equation terms species diffusion enthalpy equation in cfd it is common to solve the enthalpy equation subject to a 6 conjugate heat transfer the heat equation 5 unicamp discretized eqs source terms representation conclusion heat transfer is the study of thermal energy heat flows conduction examples and tests one dimensional heat equation with source term jennarocca 15 pts steady one dimensional axisymmetric heat conduction see figure below screenshot showing the use of the general form pde interface without including the effect of an axisymmetric heat conduction 2d heat equation with source term jennarocca model equation steady state diffusion equation plot the heat at depths of 0 5 10 15 and 20 m heat transfer conduction 1d radial steady state heat source energy equation terms viscous dissipation mhmt10 thermal resistance of fluid thermal boundary layer can be expressed in terms of 3 heat transfer viewnew window