electrical area classification in coal fired power plants cp 090113 elecclass table1 hazardous area classification drawings class i hazardous locations and the nec electrical construction hazardous location lighting classifications lilianduval technical journal 1 hazardous materials and where they typically exist in a power plant source burns and roe enterprises inc note 1 adequately ventilated per nfpa 497 means table 3 gas groups nec cec full references hazardous location lighting classifications lilianduval table 5 temperature classification various sources have tried to place time limits on to these zones but none have been officially adopted the most common values used are guide to understanding hazardous location lighting classifications nec cec reference for explosive atmospheres and hazardous locations hazlux hazardous location lighting fixtures 1 197 pages nec cec method of explosion protection idec idec hazardous areas iec zone control panels hazardous location lighting led 2 typical zone classification note zone 0 is the most severe hazardous location lighting manufacturers 100 watt led explosion proof light class 1 div 1 and 2 hazardous locations ul1598a 13 000 lumens front view classification nec cec hazardous area classification 200 watt led explosion proof light for class 1 division 2 hazardous locations 17 000 lumens color gray fl series class 1 division 1 explosion proof led flood light 100 watt hazardous location class 1 division 2 led light close up view of label hazardous location lighting led area emergency albeo led luminaire ahh1 cur by ge 151xst hazardous location warning light color gray nec cec explosion groups explosion proof equipment hi res image 1 40 watt c1d2 24v led fixture for hazardous location lighting