using a table of values to graph a linear equation middle high school algebra geometry and statistics ags 1 4 graph of y x y 2x y 1 2 x and y 1 3 x solving linear equations how many solutions can you find i graphed the y intercept first and made a dot then i counted 4 up in the y direction since the slope was 4 and 1 in the x direction finding solutions to an equation using a table of values here we selected values for x to be 2 4 and 6 you could have chosen any values you wanted draw the graphs of the pair of linear equations systems of equations with substitution y 1 4x 100 y 1 4x 120 khan academy png plot these points and determine the shape of the graph image titled graph linear equations step 1 we note that the two graphs are mirror images of each other in the line y x the line that bisects the angle between the x and y axes what is the graph of y 1 4x 2 graph with vertical asymptote x 1 horizontal asymptote y 1 hole at the horizontal line y f x 1 1 0 1 1 1 that is y 1 is the equation of the horizontal asymptote please on the image for a better jpg answer y 14x 34 y 1 4 x 3 4 jpg graphing linear equations en equation form graph graphing intercept linear maths point slope glogster edu interactive multimedia posters solving simultaneous linear equations using straight line graphs image titled graph linear equations step 4 how to solve simultaneous equations lesson transcript study com graph of linear equation neither of these equations had a variable with a coefficient of one in this case solving by substitution is not the best method linear equations and their graphs step 1 identify the slope of the given line y x 4 png two