using a table of values to graph a linear equation finding solutions to an equation using a table of values to compare two functions side by side add another column and enter another function into the new heading graph linear equations again in this table wc arbitrarily selected the values of x to be 2 0 and 5 here we selected values for x to be 2 4 and 6 you could have chosen any then you pair them up as you would with coordinates if you re using a function make sure it s taking the set as an input free worksheets for linear equations grades 6 9 pre algebra algebra 1 image titled graph linear equations step 1 graph the linear equation in two variables find at least five solutions in the table graphing linear equations name period date 1 which of the following is in slope intercept form how to graph linear equations using the intercepts method how to solve simultaneous equations graphically traditionally this would be a ter plot this module will start with the ter plot created in the basic graphing module edit you can also use the notation f x to take the derivative faster instead of d dx linear equation any equation whose graph is a line one way to check this is to create a table of values finding intercepts given the graph how to write a slope intercept equation given an x y table math wonderhowto what method can be used to find the zero of a linear function x and y intercepts line graph box 8 4 two diffe student solutions to an open ended problem the equation by making a table of values 1 3 1 creating and graphing linear equations in two variables create matching cards for these linear functions each column will have three representations of the same function one representation is given to you image titled graph linear equations step 4 unit plan subject grade level unit unit name 9th grade algebra 1 4 graphing linear equations and inequalities big idea theme the ability to graph will u 7