cellular respiration worksheet part l function and equation for respiration t write a definition for cellular respiration in your own words 2 photosynthesis and respiration difference between photosynthesis and cellular respiration comparison summary how the equation for photosynthesis and aerobic respiration compare photosynthesis cellular respiration worksheet name pdf connecting photosynthesis and cellular respiration preservice teachers conceptions plants undergo cellular respiration many people believe that plants undergo photosynthesis and animals undergo respiration really plants do both name date photosynthesis and cellular respiration test review this test will cover all material from the photosynthesis and cellular respiration unit glycolysis and fermentation lactic acid fermentation anoxygenic photosynthesis lactic acid alcoholic fermentation comparison contrast examples compare contrast fermentation cellular respiration cellular respiration and photosynthesis photo pic aerobic and anaerobic respiration in this stage of photosynthesis energy containing sugar molecules are synthesized the atp and nadph produced are used to fuel the reactions in this stage in cellular respiration glucose and oxygen react to form atp water and carbon dioxide aerobic and anaerobic conditions what are the reactants of photosynthesis and cellular respiration science trends ap biology study guide for unit test covering metabolism photosynthesis and cellular respiration metabolism ch 8 please be sure you know 1 atmospheric transmittance diagram respiration what are the reactants in the equation for cellular respiration lesson transcript study com 2 krebs cycle anaerobic respiration powerpoint ppt presentation comparison of photosynthesis and aerobic respiration