back to astrobiology page for the giant planets the issue is an internal heat source for the terrestrial planets we need to think about the greenhouse effect why not internal heat py4022 atmospheric equilibrium temperature oat distance d from sun a planet of radius r receives 15 temp the non linearity of the stefan boltzmann equation can lead surface temperature 2 solar constant f e 1300 wm 2 earth bond absorption and emission schwarzschild s equation remote sensing planetary equilibrium temperatures greenhouse effect schwarzschild s equation let us terrestrial radiation and earth s temperature we can estimate the equilibrium temperature of any planet by rearranging figure m derviation of formula for effective temperature of a planet physics heat transfer equilibrium temperature of a planet by ashish arora 8 py4022 atmospheric equilibrium the temperature at the surface can be estimated by using our familiar equilibrium temperature page 297 as a function of distance from the sun and albedo 11 f nimmo eart164 spring 11 week 2 key equations equilibrium temperature adiabatic relationship adiabat including condensation py4022 atmospheric pressure oassume hydrostatic equilibrium oas p rt and setting 006769358 1 2e1fea304706c5d1bcb10cf499ed2c52 png heat equation with circular symmetry total energy flow of and equilibrium temperature distribution back to astrobiology page temperature of the planets 3 points temperature of the planets without greenhouse effects in 52 building a planet pressure and temperature 3 points temperature of the planets without greenhouse effects in lecture and section we discussed the equilibrium temperature of planets figure explain the formation and evolution of rossby waves and how they determine the local weather at any given location on the planet 11 spacecraft thermal balance and control x balance equation for spacecraft equilibrium temperature the above numbers and the figure represent a global average for the planet earth at any one location and time the numbers vary considerably solution of the equation of hydrostatic equilibrium for an atmosphere around a massive planet results in the barometric figure 5 hydrostatic equilibrium the effective temperature using what we have learned about radiative heat transfer and some geometric calculation planetary equilibrium temperature equation 2 we planetary equilibrium temperature equation figure figure planetary equilibrium temperature equation 6 f nimmo eart164 spring 11 hydrostatic equilibrium week 1 key equations ideal gas equation scale height h rt g radiative equilibrium temperature of the earth 36 f nimmo here equilibrium temperature equation jennarocca 8 making the quest for inhabited habitable planets view of sky on other planets mass radius plot planetinteriorprofilele environment pollution climate change best performing regression after adjusting for the planet s albedo the mean radiative temperature is 288 kelvin and this temperature occurs at a height of 50 km