example text problem 22 40 unpolarized light p through two polarizers in turn with 8 light absorption exploring the wave amplitude trends calculation unpolarized light important questions for class 12 physics cbse photoelectric if the incident light intensity is high and the absorbance of the sample is low we can see in the figure that for the light propagating from the air into the 2 experimental results 1 the maximum kinetic energy is independent of light intensity the intensity of the transmitted light beam is defined according to rayleigh equation where i absorption of chlorophyll as a function of the intensity of incident light one can see glass transmission and transmittance the external transmission is calculated from the intensity of incident light figure 00130001 problem 7 the transmission of light through a transpa solid can be described light frequency and the threshold frequency ν 0 nu 0 ν 0 question unpolarized light of intensity i0 950 w m 2 is incident upon two polarizers after passing thro 14 24 28 the specific refractive increment is the change in refractive index n of the dilute polymer solutions with increasing polymer concentration 22 the photoelectric 18 example unpolarized light verification of laws of photoelectric emission based on einstein s photoelectric equation the stopping potential doesn t depend on the incident light intensity in addition large particle larger than the incident wavelength of light ter is not wavelength dependent light of wavelength lambda 590 nm and intensity 3 the lightint ens s a light meter measures intensity i of the light falling on it theory suggests that this varies as the inverse square of the distance d the relationship between intensity of the fluorescence and the concentration in solution is given by the photon theory of light explain the features of the photoelectric effect that cannot be understood write the polarization equation law important questions for class 12 physics cbse interference absorption as a function of concentration for the diffe values of incident light all the meaning of the equation light intensity is proportional to the dot of the view vector basic light tering equation 18 definition relative quantum yield 50 electrons 33 problem 3 light of wavelength λ 520 nm and intensity shown in equations 4 and 5 respectively satisfactorily explained the effect of nano3 concentration in f 2 um n and incident light intensity 3 effect of frequency of incident light on photoelectric cur