electrode reactions and side reactions in water nacl electrolysis the reduction of water which occurs when reactive metal ions are in solution can be shown as oat electrochemistry sample problem electrolysis anode cathode half reactions the electrolysis of sodium sulfate chem 1180 19 9 19 11 electrolysis of molten salts stoichiometry of elecrolysis electrolysis of water what happens in the electrolysis of a solution of a potassium compound hydrogen is less reactive than potassium so hydrogen is produced at the cathode manufacture of chlorine electrolysis of salt water half equations tessshlo basic membrane cell used in the electrolysis of brine at the anode a chloride cl is oxidized to chlorine the ion selective membrane b allows the redox reaction in an electrolytic cell electrolysis of sodium chloride electrochemistry demonstrate water electrolysis in a simple way this figure contains a diagram of an electrochemical cell two beakers are shown each description success chemistry spm picture of the r etch process electrolysis of salt water half equations tessshlo electrolytic reactions watch electrolysis copper sulfate solution with copper carbon graphite electrodes electroplating half equations s anode cathode apparatus electrolyte cell applying an external potential of about 1 7 1 9 v to two inert electrodes immersed in an aqueous solution of an electrolyte such as h 2so 4 or na 2so 4 electrolysis reactions salt redox or water redox watch cathode and anode half cell reactions lesson transcript study com faraday s laws of electrolysis definition equation lesson transcript study com watch the demo then complete the worksheet half equations are a diagram is shown at the center of the diagram are two black squares stpm a level electrochemistry and electrolysis part 08b one half of the cell is separated from the other by a porous barrier sometimes called a semi permeable barrier or by a physical salt bridge like in the dse07 16 electrolysis of brine with mercury electrode pdf molten salt electrolysis for sustainable metals extraction and materials processing a review using a table of images of electrolysis of hydrogen chloride electrolysis of salt water