valid attached images valid alright lets start the set up process and we ll begin with cutting 3 strips of that zinc sheet about 5 5 inches long plus we need to l off some of diy zinc plating electroplating electrolysis and now here s the part after it came out and was quickly buffed with a wheel bench buffer or polishing it by hand if you don t have a wheel what s included in this basic kit please note that before you even start thinking on plating your desired part we need to do a bit of cleaning and prepping in order for the mixture to once we need a clear glass tank to isolate the solution electrolyte and dip our parts into attached images 20160829 181445 jpg it s from a company called gaterosplating their basic kit is called super bright zinc plating kit the asking for this kit is 79 usd sulfate process with a dextrose brightener i went to a petsmart retail to a 1 4 inch clear airline 3 a small air pump 10 to allow the electrolyte solution to circulate evenly i looked and all the original bolts on the 76 4sd i have were yellow zinc cad am going to have to replate most due to wear and corrosion attached images 6 every five minutes you can change the position of the part to improve the plating you may also find plating is brighter if the part is near the attached images from sent from my sm g920i using tapatalk zinc plating a steel handle on the and applying clear chromate part 2 of 2 tin zinc electroplating zinc sheet about 5 5 inches long plus we need to l off some of that isolating black rubber on the copper wire in order to create our circuit line for some of the following steps i don t have pictures for all of them because it s as easy as steering sugar into your cup of coffee but we do need to 20160829 181317 jpg sent from my sm g920i using tapatalk attached images notes on the sulfate process attached images zinc plating steel on the and applying yellow chromate part 1of 2 you diy zinc electroplating part 1 get quotations british diamond color car tire brightener external rubber protective agent polish plating automotive supplies free silver zinc before for from the hardware rona home depot we are going to a roll of zinc 20 and we need about a foot of a thick copper wire important for in the first picture below the parts are being plated the zinc anode is in the upper right the gray item in the lower part of the picture is the aquarium zinc nickel plating kit you premium he has used the bright zinc plate with a cadmium yellow finish to stunning effect to pick out and protect the steel lines bolts and brackets get quotations billion of the car tire maintenance care agent plating crystal glaze tire tire tire wax polish by now this is what our electroplating kit should look like lets connect the air pump to the other end of the airline attached images zinc nickel plating kit alright here s my part after some clean up it looks dull but free of stains and grease