at this point everything should be fully connected sealed and good to go depending on your level of concern for your safety before turning it on you may vacuum and pressure chambers how i created a pressure chamber with a 2 1 2 gallon air pressure paint tank ways to improve resin casting pressure and vacuum chambers picture of simple diy vacuum chamber and pump picture of how to make a vacuum chamber picture of final assembly economy vacuum chambers 11 id x 6 or 12 cube vacuum chambers for immediate shipment in stock see what s going on inside under pressure or vacuum picture of how to make a vacuum chamber after mixing the two part silicone i put the mixture in a vacuum chamber to degass it i this degassed silicone is removed from the vacuum chamber ii to degas silicone i am curly using a 1 5 gallon vacuum chamber and a 3 6 cfm 110v 1 4hp single stage vacuum pump ultimate vacuum 0 8pa showing the difference between resins being degassed in a vacuum chamber vs not img 0499 5b1 5d jpg azcsz 00001 clear round acrylic vacuum chamber pressure casting using hapco s molding chamber customized top loading aluminum and clear acrylic chamber with vacuum cycle control when resin casting at 40 psi if the silicone was not degassed to create the mold top any small bubbles present in it will get filled in attached thumbnails stainless steel 55 gallon drum vacuum chamber picture of diy vacuum chamber what could go wrong vacuum chambers vacuum chamber systems refurbished vacuum chambers this ideal vacuum refurbished vacuum chamber was manufactured by envax having model picture of bubble free resin casts with modified paint tank 4 10 cm diameter juiceproof vacuum chambers various lengths available top view of manual mixing vacuum chamber gmcrz 00088 i made masters for on30 log cars and did some castings although i really didn t need a vacuum chamber it did help with the resin casting as aluilite resin vacuum chamber 14 cube fittings guage for the lid large acrylic bell jar vacuum chamber gzcrz 00106 aluminum cube chamber with clear acrylic door equipped with a digital vacuum cycle control system hey guys i have got a revolutionary vacuum pressure tank that you got to check out the trusted source for cactus juice ilizing solutions and alumilite casting supplies vacuum chambers vacuum chamber systems refurbished vacuum chambers these degassing vacuum chambers are made of corrosive resistant 304 stainless steel sanatron acrylic vacuum chamber operations maintenance and user manual vacuum chambers and ovens vacuum chambers l ideal degas vacuum chamber this custom extra large degassing chamber system comes with 23 25 ft3 chamber