new uses for old tv towers 2 new use for old television antenna towers background people have been asking me for the last 20 years to publish the plans for my very lightweight 55 foot portable aprs push up antenna mast yeah close up photo of lower tv antenna mast chimney straps and grounding clamps build a 25 50 free standing tilt then crank up tower antenna diy tv antenna tower clublilobal com i welded plates over the tops of these pipes as well as the top of the mast to keep water out using pvc for antenna mast the radioreference com forums m8 vertical stack 8 bay horizontal stack diy antenna tower plans clublilobal com the antenna installed diy antenna tower plans clublilobal com roof antenna tower u0027what was that about no holesu0027 custom built 80 foot tall free standing ham radio tip tower in action this is cool you 30 foot telescopic push up antenna mast ez tm 30 chimney mounted channel master tv antenna mast and requires rope and pulleys that are 3 times stronger here are some detail photos of the upper pulleys with my 10 gage train track in the diy antenna tower plans clublilobal com clark scam 12 pump up mast diy antenna mast pole clublilobal com digital tv signals are either uhf or ultra high frequency or vhf or very high frequency and they generally reach up to 70 miles away from their satellite dish mast indoor outdoor telescoping mast diy focus 8 bay bow tie high hd tv antenna 8 bay with cm7777 pre amplifier titan2 vhf uhf diy tv antenna mast mount clublilobal com portable antenna tower 30ft swivel stake mast kit new gray hoverman tv antenna reflector rods part 2 diy telescoping antenna tower clublilobal com detailed instructions on how to install an over the air tv antenna for free hdtv you homemade highpower hdtv antenna diy tv diy telescoping antenna tower clublilobal com emergency tv antenna ham antennas badland 2500 winch tip down radio tv antenna tower project hdtv antenna on a direct tv mount