and requires rope and pulleys that are 3 times stronger here are some detail photos of the upper pulleys with my 10 gage train track in the 30 foot telescopic push up antenna mast ez tm 30 antenna installation putting the antenna boom on the hazer by yourself is another matter i had to climb up the tower to the top of the mast boom and i welded plates over the tops of these pipes as well as the top of the mast to keep water out telescoping aluminum mast assembling the telescoping mast aeromao offers top notch business supplies like pole aerial photography equipment aluminum telescopic mast telescoping mast aluminum antenna mast fiberglass telescoping mast tri ex tm 370 ham radio antenna tower 70 feet tubular round telescopic miami diy telescoping antenna tower clublilobal com background people have been asking me for the last 20 years to publish the plans for my very lightweight 55 foot portable aprs push up antenna mast vehicle mounted car satellite tv antenna mast telescopic communication tower car satellite tv antenna mast vehicle mounted car satellite tv antenna here for larger image this is the pole in it s retracted position with the top cap in place i strapped it to the balcony with large plastic ties that i got from home depot 18381 the mount and cradle is constructed from unistruct channel just cut and bolt cage2 jpg 39933 bytes ham antennas diy indoor outdoor tv antenna extension mounted image 9 for top front roof detail antenna raiser by kl7jr a one man antenna raiser sdr radio antennas dsc 0380 image 6 the base with the mast secured in the upright position hey what happened to that stump wire antennas for ham radio more scaffold pole tilt over mast cost 30 including the pole one hour to build a 25 50 free standing tilt then crank up tower antenna portable antenna tower 30ft swivel stake mast kit new custom built 80 foot tall free standing ham radio tip tower in action this is cool you i made the chromed steel mast receiver so that it pivots left or right 90 degrees the mast and antenna are assembled horizontally where it s easy to work ham radio antennas and tower telescoping mast mobile mast cctv mast 4 thank you for the simple design saved a boatload of money building it and it works great i love to listen to all the coal truck gossip telescopic mast pneumatic telescopic mast pneumatic supplieranufacturers at alibaba com telescoping aluminum mast telescoping aluminum mast close up photo of lower tv antenna mast chimney straps and grounding clamps