view larger image diy sump kit oceanbox designs picture of the complete set up with the pump del2410 sump del2410m diy sump refugium kit by oceanbox designs diy sump kit oceanbox designs finished img 3098 img 5126 sump baffles sizing dlux sump kit for 10 gallon aquarium black clear dlux diy sump filter just built and works great on the 180 going to check how to build a freshwater aquarium sump filter del4822 sump del4822m 40 br sump with baffles dlux sump kit for 10 gallon aquarium ruby red 20l reef conversion aio kit once sump diy build baffles glass dividers reef reactive reefer baffle kits deluxe 4 hang on filter sock holder 200 gallon aquarium water cycle with sump filtration over and under flow r aquarium sump marine algae scrubber deep sand refugium sump baffles test model in cardboard includes 30 l x 12 w x 16 h acrylic sump for 75 100 gallon tank 20 lbs of miracle mud 1 18 watt pc light 1 1 1 1 5 bulkheads diy deep sand bucket tank for marine aquariums the sump build diy sump refugium kit by oceanbox designs nano 013 diy whole house water filtration system installation scratch mommy pelican water sump filter design diy anglo american office basic diy sump wet dry filter once the silicone had at least 24 hours to cure i placed the sump in the stand i hooked up the plumbing and return pump and tested the set up with fresh ok so as i ve said on many other occasions on this site i have mainly aimed everything here at people who are new to fishkeeping and aquarium setups