diy collapsible steel target stand for your gong and easy diy folding steel target stands diy target stand for shooting 12 inch gong elbows for corners eye bolts for hanging chains steel target stand 7 pvc 1 5 id pieces 2 4 wood furring strips 2 t low cost diy steel target stand cabela s shooting park pic 9 diy guide 6 cardboard target stand a friend of mine wanted to build some target stands for holding up cardboard targets sort of like what you see in uspsa ipcs or idpa how to make a steel shooting target img 2858 over the years i ve shot a lot of things but the most fun and addictive are those metal targets that give an audible ting bong or clang when hit easy take down stand for steel targets and rubber chains you steel target stand with ar500 steel plates diy pvc portable target stands pvc target stand for choose your ar500 gongs static target stand more images imgp6510 picture of shoot outdoors and have fun alt content title tag steel target stand all done get shooting adjule steel target stand alternate image imgp6489 the last stand diy target assembled target stand with 2 drilled holes with spikes inserted for ility optional when you are at the hardware check the pvc pipe and that the furring strip can fit inside it should almost not fit but cooperation is administered the star gong and the last stand kit the lasy stand 6550 zoom images open