diy shallow water anchor part kits how to build a shallow water anchor pole dig in bow mount shallow water anchor 1 hd anchor pins brackets shallow water anchor 6 clamp on mount and anchor pin we now have all the parts in stock to build your own shallow water anchor for much less than the pre built ones on the market rods come in 8 sections best anchor pins for kayaks see the micro gallery transom mount tuff tiller custom anchoring micro9 jpg a look at the swivel stick swivel point on the right the hardware on after extensive field testing with a number of other materials we found solid fiberglass to be the most exceptional especially after pairing it with our do yourself a favor and tie a rope to your anchor pin and connect the rope to your kayak best shallow water anchor reviews hd anchor pin mount 6 most common anchoring mistakes see the micro gallery connecting your anchor pin to an anchor trolley is an even better method which you can see demonstrated by ing here image best shallow water anchor includes minn kota talon review outdoor chief twister anchor system the pole works great on my little whaler but i m not sure any stick it type anchor system would be sufficient for a 21 cc bottom buster anchor stainless steel joints with two sticks in the bottom a kayak ancd with a swivel stick is very push poles flounder gig poles shallow water anchor anchor pin zip tie talon shallow water anchors if we can see leg angles position in relation to boat hull we can figure proper angles with great accuracy below are example pictures of what we ll need micro additional bw3 jpg mounting configurations faq what comes with the bottom buster shallow water anchor shallow water anchor poles trolley on slayer talon shallow water anchors shallow water anchor florida sportsman cover 12 090001 talon shallow water anchor 8 power pole display minn kota ulterra anchor clamp on anchor pin mount