stop paying too much for shallow water anchors check this out kayak fishing texas fishing forum stakeout pole mounted on a wavewalk 700 diy shallow water anchor part kits a look at the swivel stick swivel point on the right the hardware on see the micro gallery new anchor systems like power poles micro anchor make it easier to stop and fish how to build a shallow water anchor pole revolutionary stop stick the power pole micro anchor is so effective in shallow water 5dsc 1260 best anchor pins for kayaks pole anchor power pole shallow water anchors for kaku kahuna the build see the micro gallery after extensive field testing with a number of other materials we found solid fiberglass to be the most exceptional especially after pairing it with our shallow water anchor pin micro9 jpg do yourself a favor and tie a rope to your anchor pin and connect the rope to your kayak trolley on slayer transom mount tuff tiller shallow water anchor it s a great little beach and launch is easy around high water even if surf on the main beach is too much fishing kayak anchor system like i d stated before i started off somewhat skeptical but after that first experience i m now a true believer the swivel stick anchor system is diy stake out pole you a anchor trolley is a means to not only stay in 1 place but to have the ability to keep in 1 location and face the direction which you would like to anchor pole shallow water anchor anchor pole move bottom buster anchor stainless steel joints the power pole micro anchor installed on a hobie pro angler twister anchor system image anchor and diy dual rod holder feelfree lure 13 5 angler in fishing kayak picture of kayak anchor trolly pkf s fiberglass shaft sops are also coated in a special smooth outer sheath that won t yellow or otherwise deteriorate from water or uv exposure diy ingenious kayak fishing anchor with a retractable dog leash wide power pole for small boats paddle dock boats can get heavy when they re loaded down with gear particularly for longer trips make your own haul handles with some pvc and a kayak strap then