post 45284 0 77164100 1437855522 thumb jpg the various parts of the rain gauge it takes only a few minutes to go from this stage to complete assembly and installed for service sunjray com wp content uploads 2016 02 tip1 png rain gauge sensor used for digital rain gauge inside a tipping bucket rain gauge wiring things up here you will learn how to make your own wireless tipping bucket rain sensor you can either print the 3d model yourself or mysensorize some tipping picture of build your gauge step 3 rain o matic small picture of rain gauge design openscad design picture of arduino weather station part3 rain programming the arduino to measure rain fall picture of arduino rain gauge calibration rain gauge tipping bucket visualization of weather station photo 1 inside the junction box interior tipping bucket internals from wikimedia commons by cambridgweather the modern tipping bucket rain gauge rain gauge picture of installing rain gauge tipping bucket rain gauges picture of assembly and listen home built electronic rain fall sensor picture of circuit pipeline hydraulics 1 a rain gauge 56b9069750823 winevanebearing01 thumb jp picture of rain gauge design 2nd version design the rain gauge is actually quite an ingenious design inside of the box is a tiny bucket when that bucket is full 0 011 of rain it tips over weather meters 0 1505816593504 raingauge20170918 png design tipping bucket rain gauge picture of calculations and calibration step 4 pdf design of an improvised tipping bucket rain gauge for measurement of rain and snow precipitation tipping bucket rain gauge with remote display 1 of 4 see more so let s see if this rain gauge is easier to tackle following the same procedure as before pop in the battery power on the rf sniffing circuit image titled build a rain gauge step 1 gauge cone homemade rain gauge 8 tipping bucket rain gauge graduate cylinder standard gauge image titled build a rain gauge step 8 picture of building a tipping bucket tipping bucket jpg 35742 bytes