introduction introduction a quick google will find lots of mic 48v pages here are two examples here s the input and filament buck picture of the design do it yourself kits picture of build the four channel ssm2019 phantom powered mic preamp micpre pcba big jpg custom pcb for diy electronics new power supply with 48v phantom power and 24v for relays the power supply is uh unconventional what who me yup a switching supply generating 6 3v filament voltage and 200v b from a 48vdc input picture of build the four channel ssm2019 phantom powered mic preamp mp566 preamplifier do it yourself kits dc power source for diy preamp mic pre jpg mp568c colour mic preamp diyre cp5 ltl mister focus back in july august of 2002 i offered up a mic preamp circuit here in tape op and provided a kit for a limited time to assist in building it mpq568c colour module mic preamp the audio path of this design is really quite simple and could be point to point wired in a few hours the power supplies are a bit more complicated profile view a review elysia skulpter 500 5 dollar mic pre build ina217 large copie jpg tec mp1a preamp i powered this from a desktop type switching 48v 1a power supply sc 1 mic preamp mp568c colour mic preamp build a mic pre build your own two channel vacuum mic preamp blebee bb p1 clarity inline preamp diyre cp5 colour mic preamp kit console dia mp2570 dual channel mic preamp alex rice piezo preamplifier the simplest diy contact mic eva studio mic preamp inside dc power source for diy preamp mic pre x2 jpg do it yourself kits eva studio mic preamp left also the noise figure of the amp is degraded when the pad is activated i put it in the design mostly because some people will want it and it s only 3 art pro mpa ii two channel mic preamp remote microphone preamps the pcb with simple connectors to have a look at my modified lo res schematics power supply preamp simple preamp microphone