experimental lightsaber string blade 3 royal blue 5mm leds test 1 you worlds first photonic lightsaber string blade using 12mm leds how to make a custom lightsaber neopixel led strip blade for nano biscotte v4 0 soundboard led strip neopixel lightsaber blade test multi spectrum rgb f led string blade lightsaber with plecter labs crystal focus ls you picture of build a lightsaber 5mm blue leds segmented lightsaber string blade with white flash on clash effects strip for motown the diy 3d printing community has passion and dedication for making solid objects from digital models recently we have noticed electronics projects zoom how to make an led string blade for a lightsaber since my leds are rgb leds i ll go for a white blade there is a 16mm diameter metal on switch to control power on and off blade is locked by four m4 8mm save s at the hilt top 01 diy lightsaber eco saber ls led string blade lightsaber with double ws2812 led strips similar to the pl9823 string but simpler since there is no data pins to worry about the leds are simply wired directly to the power rails like this 02 diy lightsaber luxeon rgb led light saber experimental lightsaber string blade 3 royal blue 5mm leds test 2 comparison blade comparison while this blade turned out great and is a lot brighter than my pl9823 blade and can neither scroll nor change color the pl9823 blade is just a lot more 18 diy lightsaber full size of led light diy lightsaber hilt pvc awesome l blade holder home ideas diy if you re using the same kind of connector i am i recommend adding some hot glue on the back of the connector to hold all the pins into place the handle blade diy lightsaber blade plug eco saber ls led string blade eco saber ls led string blade picture of battle ready lightsaber picture of how to make your very own lightsaber for fighting this lightsaber design is 100 open source supports a variety of blade types and and is built from easy to obtain materials most led strips comes with leads and connectors cut off the connectors and and solder the strips to the aviation connector i forgot to take pictures the blade is ridiculously bright and lights up in an instant the handle is gorgeous and beautifully constructed i mean everything about this lightsaber img 0829 photo by austin taylor 03 diy lightsaber picture of parts and crafts led lightsaber picture of stuffs you will need picture of stuffs you will need grade b final batch kr x or ahsoka tano curved diy empty lightsaber pair rebels 05 diy lightsaber blue lightsaber new like in star wars cross guard light up led sword with sound 1 of 8free blue lightsaber blade diode lovely lightsaber light whip blade for star wars custom led saber by of 38