then i cut the sheet of paper so that the brass insert is round again black steel kr sabers graflex blade plug 1 or 7 8 7 8 od version kr sabers 7 8 od simple blade plug razor core style 2 7 8 inch od fx lightsaber blade plug photo by austin taylor out of stock sabertrio lightsaber blade plugs 1inch diameter via streetsabers design craft others on carou by popular demand i ve ordered a bunch of parts rather than put together predetermined kits like i have in the past i m offering these a la carte slide smoothly into the blade holder this is rather tricky without the proper tools i used a drill and an adapter to sand each piece took ages kr x or ki adi mundi diy empty hilt prequel saber non blade retention version 1 of 10only 3 available car cigerette lighter the module then s into the neck section and vr also made a custom blade plug for it custom darksaber lightsaber blade 1 of 4only 4 available yoda blade plug 1 3d printed luke ep8 target exclusive blade plug 1 blade plugs image 0 diy lights lightsaber blade plug splendid mason jar pendant light home ideas diy lights accessoryin diy lightsabers because real jedi and sith make their own stuck out tongue winking eye everything fits but i need to cut a recess in the aluminum plug for the windvane neck to fit up into right now its not deep enough korbanth mpp 2 0 lightsaber hilt assembled anh configuration kr saber blade plug neopixel blade plug 1 tcss 3d printed arc reactor blade plugs 1 of 3only 1 available image 0 red sith vader lightsaber crystal chamber blade plug ultrasabers fx saberforge darth vader dv6 rotj blade plug 1 or 7 8 the original glass eye mount also serves as a large thumb to tighten against the blade plug or blade when it s installed to keep it all nice and snug slider bottom image korbanth k4 blade plug 1 mkii part 2 2 3d printed korbanth full size of creative lamps chandeliers diy lightsaber blade marvelous silverware lights hanging for dining room this lightsaber design is 100 open source supports a variety of blade types and and is built from easy to obtain materials custom lightsaber blade plug photon green blades brood guard with windows blade off purple mace windu lightsaber crystal chamber blade plug ultrasaber fx saberforge items similar to kylo ren inspired lightsaber blade plugs for hasbro bladebuilders lightsaber hilt on picture of build a lightsaber ultrasabers saberforge lightsaber custom kyber crystal chamber blade plug adaptive saber parts diy modular lightsabers the new neopixel connectorsdeveloped by evolution arms slothfurnace and others image credit evolution arms the first build wasn t very accurate to the prop i machined it mostly out of the wrong diameter parts and the wrong materials