diy db4 antenna schematic drawing stealth hawk image titled make a hdtv antenna step 1 carefully using a razor knife cut off about 6 inches of the black outer sheathing but be careful not to damage the inner cable shielding i e the copper image titled make a hdtv antenna step 3 high performance tv antenna from one piece of wire stealth hawk antenna front overview image via blo com i named the result etenna primarily to prevent ambiguity as cantenna can refer to waveguides for wifi signals made from a pringles can fractalhdtvantenna complete drawing of db16 antenna digital tv coat hanger antenna image titled make a hdtv antenna step 6 mounting and finding stations picture of connecting your antenna array image via blo com image titled build antennas step 4 the basic dipole diy installation winegard flatwave fl6550a air attic outdoor hd tv antenna diyable com image titled build antennas step 11 build a 20 super antenna for better signal strength more free broadcast tv channels single bay dimensions figure 27 image titled make a hdtv antenna step 2 for this build i used 10awg wire as i had difficulty finding 8awg solid i m also going to experiment with using wire window screening that i had laying the antenna installed tripole antenna make a diy cloverleaf antenna find a coaxial cable of more than two feet long with a rf connector in one end how to get free hdtv with a coat hanger antenna tvs projectors wonderhowto 50 ft 18 1 stranded bare copper wire a 16 radial spider antenna for adsb mounted on a tripod at sunset ais antenna rtl sdr defined radio 820t testing by size handphone high gain air band yagi antenna construction details aprx 50cm of 2mm diameter brass or copper wire cut to 5 pieces of 10 cm 4 x cable ends m4 blue 1 x n style chassis part 4 x m4 10mm cylinder s close up of element support antenna 002