3 tier brew stand homebrew stand in garage brewery morebeer brewsculptures they offer gravity tippy and flat brew wooden brew stand we all may have slightly diffe equipment but basic measurements for my stand can be found here or you can the pdf below diy brewstand from recycled material wired brewstand 0304162124 jpg2340x4160 2 81 mb brewtree or brewstep brewtree sketch i finally finished my brewstand so i thought i d add this post to summarize the build and also to update the previous posts that describe my overall system 0306160828 jpg4160x2340 2 59 mb all done propane mounted now we need a few burners and plumbing unpainted brewstand all the frame parts layed out stainless steel single tier homebrewing system picture gravity fed all grain brewing tower diy all grain brewing 0304161856 jpg1872x3328 2 46 mb i ve included my original drawing above to show the concept and as you can see from the final photo it s turned out amazing in fairness the picture with stainless steel 3 tier tippy dump brewing rack the center of gravity brewhouse three tiered brewing station new brewery circa 2016 with stainless steel 24x60 stand gravity homebrew setup black betty brewing tower home brew stand plans lovely uanitus two tier single pump half 4 you are ready to add corner braces brackets and finish up sealing the wood i like the large outer braces as per guards for the corners that could picture stainless steel single tier brewing rack overview of a typical three tier brewing system brew nerds community you build a brew stand finished top 5 brewing stands for making beer tier gravity brew stand best of best diy brewing rigs images on of tier gravity brew after 4 months and 5 brew sessions here are the plans 5 wooden brew stand plans luxury how to build a brewing control panel herms 240v 30 black betty on brew day welding and grinding complete water shutoff valve home automation cotech com