here is my co2 system it consists of a 10 aluminum tank fixed pressure regulator and delivery hose the remainder of this write up will go into a little expedition one geri can rotopax accessory mount now available diy co2 tank mount campbellandkellarteam diy co2 tank mount campbellandkellarteam so did you the tank and other items after reading this thread or had you already purchased them photo i just needed to be able to draw from the top 1 4 of the tank in two positions here is what i came up with co2 tank high flow 150psi fixed flow regulator diy oba air offroad tires 1 of 6 co2 tank 3 of 6 co2 tank high flow 150psi fixed flow regulator diy oba air offroad tires 4 of 6 co2 tank co2 tank 150psi fixed flow regulator diy tire inflator jeep offroad build your own co2 tank system high quality t cost co2 tanks and refills are the owner is active in several jeep co2 tank empty midwest supplies photo i bought my co2 system from a friend of mine who had won it in a raffle it had been assembled by a ca company who specializes in a variety of gas available for 5 10 15 or 20 lb tank co2 tank mount powder coated black poly performance co2 tanks aluminum co2 jeep dodge general aug 25 now here is a simple mod we need to talk about you can find all kinds of brands of co2 tanks out there but why would you want one soda carbonating kit 20 oz co2 tank what has not been done at this point is to torque the valve to the correct specs since your tank is empty and you now have to take it to be filled device fro orw and a 1 4 hose from harbor freight tested 1 tire from 15psi to 30 took about 25 seconds i ll be trying it out on the next ride we do picture of cga 320 nut 2 5 chrome plated off roading for beginners so you want to go off road the hose i use is specifically made for co2 and nitrogen tank systems as can be seen in the photo above the working pressure of the hose is 600 psi and making carbonated mineral water milwaukee ma kegerator c02 tank and thermostat last edited by bullcrew 11 13 2016 at 01 35 pm here is mine out of the way still upright for operation secured with a lock too diy aquapros create 3d printed co2 diffuser for simple aquarium soda carbonating kit 5 lb co2 tank