picture of assemble components and light her up i also ordered my burner and it should be here sometime this week here are some pics of the brew stand thus far 0306160828 jpg4160x2340 2 59 mb brew stand as of aug 04 2010 weldless brew stand part 1 of 3 got the plumping ordered pumps and cfc mounted casters on etc will test fire later this week and plan to brew next weekend diy stainless steel single tier brew stand 0304161856 jpg1872x3328 2 46 mb brewstand1 1 after 4 months and 5 brew sessions 5 gallon brew rig now with diy tippy dump homebrewtalk com beer wine mead cider brewing discussion community i finally finished my brewstand so i thought i d add this post to summarize the build and also to update the previous posts that describe my overall system picture picture unpainted brewstand stainless steel home brewing stand 0304162124 jpg2340x4160 2 81 mb diy spark igniter on blichmann burner two tier brew stand with 10 banjo burners stainless steel single tier homebrewing system home brewing stands beer brewing rigs and home brewer racks high pressure lpg burner w stand and regulator the hop grain brew homebrew burner picture we all may have slightly diffe equipment but basic measurements for my stand can be found here or you can the pdf below i m going to brew up a batch of watermelon wheat in the next few days and while the stand won t be done i m hoping to be able to give the burner a try diy brewstand from recycled material 2 tier brew sculpture build homemade zerk propane burner top 5 brewing stands for making beer build a brew stand finished homemade fish fryer style burner and stand brewstand done picture of build a propane jet burner brewing seafood