but when eliza had broken two clips last week and not a single local carried a decent clip read any that weren t a total eyesore fold one of the strips in half again grab your clipboard and pin the center fold underneath the clip once the braid is as long as you d like it to be string the metal clip onto the braid then find the longest fabric strand you want to use this strand to wrap tightly around the base of the folded braid holding everything in place as i was experimenting with making these i couldn t find a clipboard around the house to save my life i ended up using a sy clip and fastening how to make pacifier clips pacifier clip tutorial easy to sew pacifier clips diy braided leather binkie clip diy baby pacifier clip holder diy leather binkie clip baby tutorial pacifier clip macrame braided pacifier clip range i figured pacifier clips were a quick little project i could tackle and i was right they were so easy and fun diy no i m no braiding expert confession i can t even french braid but the fishtail braid is really as simple as the basic braid just with one extra diy braided pacifier clip 50pcs 1 inch 25mm wide silver color metal round baby pacifier clip suspender clips rack plating modern pacifier clips diy braided binky clip jersey yarn pacifier clip image 0 so here are the supplies you ll need in order to make these adorable braided pacifier clips 9 minimalist pacifier clip see larger image image 0 12 modern pacifier clips by top houston lifestyle blogger ashley rose of sugar cloth 6 ribbon pacifier clip diy leather binkie clip baby tutorial pacifier clip 7 patterned pacifier clips no more baby pacifiers on the floor a diy tutorial showing how to make pacifier 2 fabric pacifier clips hi friends we are so glad you re here today we are showing you how to make this diy leather braided pacifier clip your baby will be styling in no time image 0 13 monochrome dotted pacifier clip i got these suspender clips from i also bought this bag of colorful leather from you ll need some kind of large loop type clip or s crochet pacifier clip tutorial image 0