using pvc for antenna mast the radioreference com forums build a 25 50 free standing tilt then crank up tower antenna the security items and tools used by w0yva to install his antenna system i welded plates over the tops of these pipes as well as the top of the mast to keep water out this isn t a set of step by step instructions but my info might give you some ideas for building your own antenna support a critical tree that was holding dsc 0380 conclusion this 35 pound mast has sure been an advantage over the years as it always allows me to get my antenna way up there and it sure draws a crowd with a little skill any can do it yourself ben is always a email away if you have any questions while building one of his projects clark scam 12 pump up mast antenna tower aluminum tripod base for use with military 48 mast pole yellow close up photo of lower tv antenna mast chimney straps and grounding clamps background people have been asking me for the last 20 years to publish the plans for my very lightweight 55 foot portable aprs push up antenna mast 3 section mast design tower in fully upright position ready for antenna tower with 4 element steppir yagi the white posts in the lower left corner are the supports for my 850 and requires rope and pulleys that are 3 times stronger here are some detail photos of the upper pulleys with my 10 gage train track in the diy 2m j pole antenna by m0mtj also the commercial rotator that i chose has not been up to the high winds that we have each winter here in boulder i have since designed my own rotator 30 foot telescopic push up antenna mast ez tm 30 mast mounted onto the sides of building antenna max gain systems inc fiberglass push up mast guy rings a closer view of the antenna array outside phttelescopic mast diy dsc 0386 saay september 01 2016 img in this photo the tower trailer is outed for all bands from 50 mhz to 10 ghz in benm pa almost 3 000 miles from home the center of the microwave portable antenna tower 30ft swivel stake mast kit new fiberglass telescoping mast ai4wm radio blog military masts part 4 antenna masts guy anchors custom built 80 foot tall free standing ham radio tip tower in action this is cool you diy antenna mast project saay june 11 2016 diy ham radio antenna mast thumbnail cell antenna on pole jpg 68139 bytes 4 aluminum antenna tower mast sections unused lotof 12 here s the pivot by itself homemade 10 meter j pole antenna the right hand element is 308 inches long and the short element is 105 inches long attached images heavy duty galvanised wall building antenna mount offset various lengths chimney mounted channel master tv antenna mast