homemade airbrush spray booth my spray booth diy spray booth construction dirtkicker pottery glaze spray booth by john gilliland you report this image self built spray booth for airbrush work diy airbrush spray booth 3 0 spray booth wip 19 toy inventor bob knetzger who tends to work with small parts came up with this clever solution stash it underneath a stairwell i used a 10 inch fan from a kitchen range exhaust hood and a dryer vent hose to exhaust the fumes you premium airbrush spray paint booth electric exhaust fan with led lights and exhaust design craft others on carou 2x spray booth led air brush extractor hose turntable filter exhaust fan us size booth 2 booth 1 spray booth enter a caption optional this is a kitchen fan filter not something to filter fumes with i just don t want too much of the paint particles in the fan a finer filter might choke portable hobby air brush paint booth this is the drawing of a home spray booth from my article make a custom spray booth to finish projects indoors the four s and the metal plate hold the fan in place if yours is diffe than you didn t get the fan i showed in previous posts portable airbrush spray booth hose filter extractor air brush art paint craft img portable airbrush spray booth extractor with led light asb420l bc elec portable airbrush spray booth extractor led light extractor booth fan masb440dclk jpg top result diy paint booth fan elegant diy spray paint projects diy paint booth ventilation 58 inspirational diy collapsible paint booth home spray booth plans best of make a simple spray booth finewoodworking garage vent fan cost i am 2old4toys diy spray booth report this image diy paint booth exhaust fan elegant my homemade paint booth social diy garage paint booth hearts and sharts