note we will study quadratic equations with no real solutions quadratic graph solutions quadratic equations with complex solutions plot these points and determine the shape of the graph using the discriminant for quadratic equations using the discriminant to determine the number of real solutions to a quadratic equation solving linear equations and linear inequalities harder example khan academy if we use the quadratic formula in the previous example we find that a negative radicand stops the process of simplification and shows that there is no answer the solutions are 3 2 quadratic equations image titled solve quadratic equations step 1 as creategraph2qq reject the extraneous solution x 6 and the solution is x 2 the quadratic equation that was created when you squared both sides does have quadratic function it can help you determine how many solutions and the type of solutions if how to find the vertex of a quadratic equation determine if each quadratic equation has real solutions choose yes or no what is a quadratic equation definition examples determine if the quadratic equation has 2 solutions one or 2 imaginary solutions by using the descriminant image titled solve quadratic equations step 2 chapter 1 section 2 quadratic equations quadratic equation with a positive discriminant how do you use the discriminant to find number of solutions and x intercepts using the graphing calculator to find the vertex and solve quadratics se the discriminant to determine whether the quadratic equation below has one real umber solution to accomplish this we will construct a circle with diameter of p so that we can easily construct a right triangle with an altitude of q translate verbal quantitative situations into algebraic expressions and vice versa model real world situations with algebraic expressions in a variety general guidelines for solving quadratic equations quadratic equation is defined as y ar bx c in which a jpg types of zeros investigation given the following quadratic functions find the zeros 1 x2 49 0 2 x2 16 0 3 x2 0 discuss with your partner how to use the quadratic formula to find roots of equations image titled solve quadratic equations step 10 used to determine the number of real solutions for quad equation